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Case study: Issues & Crisis management | TXU
Case study:
Issues & Crisis management | TXU

TXU… Successfully defended a difficult position on greenhouse gas emissions by strong issues management.

TXU Company
TXU Europe, a division of the TXU Corporation, was the largest electricity supplier in the UK and looking to expand into Europe.

During the Kyoto climate change negotiations the US and Europe held deeply opposing views on how to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. So to did TXU. The TXU Corporation, was strongly in favour of not ratify the climate change treaty. TXU Europe, however, supported the stance taken by European governments in favour of tough climate change and emission targets.

The two opposing positions were brought together in a deftly worded issues document that dissected the arguments surrounding climate change and rationalised both views into one broad position without compromising the stance taken by either party.

The issues document was used by the Chairman of TXU and senior executives on both sides of the atlantic in their meetings with the media, governments and other stakeholders and allowed them to hold opposing views without compromising the company’s dealings in any of its regional markets.

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