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Case study: Employee engagement & Change management | Initial Washrooms Solutions
Case study:
Employee engagement & Change
management | Initial Washrooms Solutions

Initial Washroom Solutions… Looking to improve market share through major business transformation and employee engagement.

Initial Washrooms Solutions Company
IWS manages and implements washroom solutions - bins, mats, soap dispensers, hand dryers, air fresheners etc – for businesses across the UK and Ireland.

The company was going through a major internal transformation programme touching every aspect of the organisation. It needed to develop and deliver an employee engagement strategy which would explain the rationale behind the changes and why they were so crucial to the survival of the organisation.

As many of the staff were drivers working away from their service centres for long periods, Carmasol worked closely with the MD of Initial Washrooms to create channels that could reach all employees.

These included a monthly, magazine-style radio-programmes accessible by phone or via the intranet; a road-show presentation to each branch; an employee newsletter, a regular programme of staff briefings and announcements; staff surveys and feedback monitoring, staff and management support with redundancies and branch closures, and support with customer communication and media relations.

Whilst rationalisation is never easy, staff felt that they were kept in the loop and could understand the reasons behind the strategic decisions being made. Morale rose and retention improved.

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